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Yoko Saito Book Japanese Taupe Color Theory Study Guide


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  • Yoko Saito's Japanese Taupe Color Theory Study Guide
  • Published by Stitch Publications (in English), 2012
  • 112 Pages, fully color illustrated
  • 34 Projects with illustrated instructions and full sized templates and patterns
"At first glance. the word 'taupe' might lead one to think of a dull or uninteresting color, innocuous at best. I have heard it referred to as 'grey tinges with tea.' However, I have interpreted 'taupe' to include a much broader spectrum. Taupe is not just grey, or 'tea-colored.' The world of taupe that I created encompasses not only a variety of colors, but subtle manipulations of them. Take a hue and add a tint or shade in small degrees from light to dark. Or imagine steeping tea and watching the color become deeper and deeper until the flavor is robust. This is the simplicity and complexity of taupe colors." This is a 'must have' book for any quilter or sewing enthusiast interested in the emerging popularity of Japanese Taupe Color Theory. Ms. Yoko Saito brings the reader valuable information for selecting and using taupe fabric collections in traditional patchwork. Yet she goes even farther, deeper, then so many designers by asking us to use our 5 senses to explore a fully integrated concept of natural color. She considers utilizing our 5 senses critical when learning the theory of Japanese Taupes.