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Pre-Printed Sashiko on White Maru Bishamon SC-1015

  • Pre-printed Sashiko White fabric 1015
  • Pattern: Maru Bishamon or the Armor Scales of Bishamonten Pattern on White
  • Manufactured by Olympus of Japan
  • Size: Fabric 13X26in, Printed side 12x12in Stitch Area
  • 100% Cotton Fabric

This design is called Maru Bishamon or the Armor Scales of Bishamonten. Designed to introduce you to Sashiko in an easy and enjoyable way. Pre-printed design on White  cotton fabric that is 26in long and 13in wide, approximately. Not a kit, FABRIC ONLY. After Stitching, lay in warm water to remove the pre-printing. WARNING: DO NOT get wet or use a steam iron before stitching. It is highly recommended that you use your finished sashiko piece in a pillow, quilt, or wallhanging! You put a lot of time and effort into your stitching, so enjoy it as a usable piece of handwork!

Level: Beginner