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Quilting Foxes Prices, Shipping Information, and Policies

Quilting Foxes has been offering Japanese quilting and needlecraft supplies online since 2014. We ship throughout the United States and internationally. These policies may change without notice.

Very Competitive Pricing

We know that reasonable product pricing is very important to our customers, especially in tight economic times. Surveys have shown that competitive product pricing and favorable shipping rates are the two most important factors considered by savvy internet users when choosing a webstore to shop with.

If you compare our prices with similar stores on the web, you will find that we are very competitive, and in most cases, beat our competitors by as much as 5-10% every day. Combine these with our specials and sales, and free shipping for qualifying orders, and we guarantee that you will be very pleased with the savings! We are all quilters, too, so we know you would rather spend your money on fabric than postage!


General Shipping Information

These are our standard domestic shipping rates, based on your order total at checkout. These rates may change without notice. Free Shipping on orders over $100 is not applicable during sales of 35% off or more.

Shipping is via US Postal Service Priority Mail, tracked and insured. I will, on occasion, use 1st Class mail rather than Priority. An example of this might be the shipment of a very small, or light weight item, such as a single pattern.

Although very rare, additional charges for shipping may apply if an order exceeds either the weight or size limitations set by the USPS. I will contact you should this be an issue.

Standard Shipping Rates              

U.S. 50 States, District of Columbia, & Territories

Value of order            USPS Domestic Postage Rate

Up to - $4.99                                  $5.00

$5.00 - 34.99                                 $7.95

$35.00 - 44.99                               $9.95

$45.00 - 54.99                               $10.95

$55.00 - 64.99                               $11.95

$65.00 - 74.99                               $12.95

$75.00 - 84.99                               $13.95

$85.00 - 99.99                               $14.95

$100.00 and above                     Shipping is Free (Not Applicable for any Sale 35% Off or more)


International Shipping

Shipping charges for international orders are based on the estimated weight of the package.

The shipping charge is calculated after the Ship To: section of the order page is completed. You will be able to review the shipping charges before you place your order.

We select the least expensive method of shipping that we feel is safe and protects your items from damage or loss. In almost all cases we ship via 1st Class International Parcel Service. However, any order that exceeds 4 pounds in weight is required to be shipped Priority Mail International.

On international orders, if we can save on your shipping costs by packaging your order in two smaller size packages instead of one large one, we will do that and refund you the savings on the shipping. As it is difficult to calculate and include accurate shipping to every country in every possible combination of items, if your actual shipping cost is significantly less than the shipping cost you were charged, we will refund you the over payment.

If for any reason, actual shipping cost is more than was collected during checkout, we will contact you and send you an additional email invoice (that you can pay online with a credit or debit card) for the shortage in shipping charges. Please make sure you have supplied us with your correct email address at checkout, and watch for this invoice, as it will delay the shipping of your order until it is paid. Thank you.

International shipping rates do not include customs or duty charges. Quilting Foxes has no control over those charges and they are the sole responsibility of the person placing the order.

International orders many contain items that may be subject to taxes, customs duties and fees levied by the destination country ("Import Fees"). The recipient of the shipment is the importer of record in the destination country and is responsible for all Import Fees.


International Rates                                                                                          Canadian Rates

Orders Weighing 1oz to 8.9oz (28.4g to 0.25kg) ship for $15.00

Orders Weighing 1oz to 3oz (28.4g to 85g) ship for $3.00

Orders Weighing 9oz to 2lbs (0.26kg to 0.94kg) ship for $23.00

Orders Weighing 3.1oz to 8oz (86g to 0.22kg) ship for $10.00

Orders Weighing 2.1lbs to 3.0lbs (0.95kg to 1.36kg) ship for $34.00

Orders Weighing 8.1oz to 1.9lbs (0.23kg to 0.86kg) ship for $24.00

Orders Weighing 3.1lbs to 3.9lbs (1.4kg to 1.8kg) ship for $50.00

Orders Weighing 2lbs to 3lbs (0.87kg to 1.3kg) ship for $34.00

Orders Weighing 4lbs to 5lbs (1.85kg to 2.27kg) ship for $100.00

Orders Weighing 3.1lbs to 4lbs (1.4kg to 1.8kg) ship for $39.00


Orders Weighing 4.1lbs to 6lbs (1.9kg to 2.7kg) ship for $44.00


Orders Weighing 6.1lbs to 7lbs (2.8kg to 3.2kg) ship for $58.00


How often do we ship?

We ship orders Monday through Saturday, excluding holidays. We know you are anxious to receive your goods as quickly as possible, so if we receive your order early in the day, we will do our best to ship it out to you on the same business day. If we receive the order later in the day, we will ship it out to you on the next business day when possible. However, shipping maybe delayed due to reasons beyond out control and we will contact you if the delay will likely exceed 5 business days.

Sales Tax:

Orders placed and shipped within the state of Washington will have destination address sales tax added.


Need more help?

If you can't find a particular fabric or item online, feel free to send us an e-mail! When it comes to Japanese fabrics and needlecrafts, if we do not have what you are looking for, we may be able to find another shop that does or get it for you.


Privacy Statement:

Quilting Foxes is concerned about your privacy. Quilting Foxes does not sell email addresses or names to anyone, and promises to only send you our informative newsletter about events, classes, sales and new products.



Quilting Foxes is committed to your satisfaction. All orders are inspected before shipping. In the case of damaged goods or packing error please contact Quilting Foxes right away. Arrangements will be worked out to return the merchandise, send you the missing item or correct your billing.

Changed your mind and don't want the merchandise? Return an item within 30 days. Notify Quilting Foxes that you will be returning an item(s) so that we can keep an eye out for your return. Please note, cut yardage and copyrighted materials (books and patterns) cannot be returned. Items must be in saleable condition. All returns must be in the original condition and packaging. Customer pays for return shipping. Your credit card will be credited for the returned item only within 24 hours once it is received by Quilting Foxes.


If at any time, you have questions or concerns about our shipping or policies, don't hesitate to Contact Us.