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20190223: Applique - Beginning Needle Turn with Grace Hawley

There are a huge range of different types of applique; there’s no right or wrong way to experiment with this fun technique. In this class we will focus on one of the oldest techniques: Needle Turn. As one of the more traditional methods of hand sewn applique ‘needle-turn’ is where a needle is used to turn under the seam allowance while you sew the pieces to the fabric background. We will explore and practice Straight, In and Outside Curves, Tapers, and Narrow patterns like stems. We will use a simple Hearts-on-a-Leafed Stem motif to get you confident in all aspects of Needle Turn Applique.

Whether you’re a seasoned quilter or a beginner, the art of applique is sure to come up in your quilting conversations. Applique essentially means applying one piece of fabric to another – usually shapes or designs on top of a fabric background – and it can be a practical way to add some depth to your designs. Applique is often enhanced using different colored or textured threads around the edges of the fabric motifs, and can even be embellished with beads, sequins and pearls.

Skill Level:
Skill Details:
Supply List 1) 1 - 12 1/2" square of light fabric for back ground 2) 1 - 10" square of fabric for stem and leaf 3) 3 - 5" squares of fabric for hearts 4) Thread to match each fabric (you can use any type of thread) 5) 1 appliqu? needle (appliqu? sharps any size) 6) Scissors to cut paper and scissors to cut fabric 7) Fabric marker pen (wash out or iron out) 8) Basic Sewing Supplies, pins, cutting tools etc.
Instructor Name:
Grace Hawley
Instructor Bio:
I have been hand stitching since I was 9 years old, when my neighbor taught me to make doll clothes. This could be why I fell in love with Hawaiian quilting. I took a class from Gail Chamberlain in 1985 while living in Kwajalein, Marshall Islands. Before I finished the pillow class project, (we only worked on one thing each class), I finished a second one, and wanted to do more. The next class she taught was a quilt project I made one for my son, and a friend during that class, My first original quilt, was named "Underwater Wonderland" , Many more pillows which were all gifts for friends and family. Around 1990, I started the journey of full size quilts and have had a quilt in progress ever since.
After returning to Washington in 1997, I had a new house and family to make quilts for. I called myself a closet quilter, because I didn't belong to any groups to do with quilting. I started going to local quilt shows and going on the shop hops. About 2002 I decided to make quilts for my family. It took me until 2005 to finish the four quilts which I gifted them on Christmas 2005 (only married family members received the quilts). That next year my second son married, so another family quilt was needed.
In 2008 I showed my first quilt at the La Conner Quilt Museum for Tulip Festival. I had become a member the year before. I was starting to come out of the closet. 2008 I also joined The Appliqu? Society and started going to a monthly appliqu? group. I showed my first quilt at the Monroe Fair and have been showing quilts since. Although, most of my early quilts have not been seen by the public. 2009 I joined a quilt guild and have worked on their quilt show and showed my quilts there. 2014 I had my first solo exhibit at the La Conner Museum and started to teach Hawaiian quilting and needle turn appliqu?. The fall of 2016, I became a founding member of All In Stitches Quilt Guild and The Everett Quilt Show. I spend a good amount of time with these two organizations, but still make time to stitch every day and teach classes, which I enjoy very much.

20190223: Applique - Beginning Needle Turn with Grace Hawley

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