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Creating Your Quilting Foxes Login Account

Follow these steps to create your account login:

1)    Go to the website and click the Login link on the far right.
2)    Just below the login area, click Create Account.
3)    Enter your email address, then enter your password. Re-enter your
. Your password:
a)    Must be at least 8 characters long and
b)    Must contain at least one non-alphanumeric character such as !, $, %, etc.
(The best passwords will have at least one capital letter, one number, and at least one non-letter, non-number character)
c)    and should not be a password you've used in the past.
4)    Click Create Account, then go to your email inbox and click the link provided to activate your account.
5)    You'll be taken to an account activation page on the website; click the Activate Account button, and then log into the account for the first time.
6)    Once you have logged in, you'll be able to see your account information, detailed below.


Login Account Details

Data fields that are editable will be white, as pictured below, or grayed out, if they are not editable.


You can view your past purchases through the transaction list in the Order History area and can click View to see full details of individual transactions.

You can also view your Reward progress and see how close you are getting to the next Reward coupon on the Rewards tab. You can also see any active Reward coupons you have earned.

If you want to create a Gift Registry, or view any Gift Registries previously created, you can do so in the Gift Registry area, as pictured below.

Entering Payment Options is not currently available.



Using Reward Coupons Online

Login to your account and enjoy shopping. The Cart will remain in view in the right top margin of the web page, as shown below.


When you are ready to checkout, view your coupons by clicking on the Account link, then click on Account Info.  Then click on the Rewards tab as illustrated above.



Highlight and Copy the coupon code you would like to use. (Recommend selecting the coupon that will expire the soonest! Currently, coupons are not listed in expiration order, however, we have requested this feature.)
Then by clicking any of the links in cart view in the margin, you will be taken to the View Cart Window.

Under Subtotal, Click Enter Coupon, Paste the code into the block as indicated,
then Click Apply.

Complete your Checkout. When transaction is finished, return to website and logout.