20190124: Painted Forest
- Jan 24, 2019 10:30 am

Create your own fantasy forest from all your favorite scraps. How about a plaid forest in browns and reds? Or maybe a wintery forest in blues and silvers. Or, go super-dramatic with black-and-white forest against a backdrop of various reds. The variations are about as limitless as, well, the number of leaves on a tree.

Cost: $ 45.00
20190130: Jelly Roll Rug Class
- Jan 30, 2019 03:00 pm

Have you always admired the old wool braided rugs your grandmother had? So warm underfoot! The inspiration for the oval Jelly Roll Rug came from these rugs but are much easier to make. Utilizing one Jelly Roll and special pre-cut batting called Katahadin, you can whip up a finished rug in a weekend. Choose to make the first version, the oval rug, or the second version which is easier, the rectangle.

Cost: $ 45.00
20190209: One Block Wonder
- Feb 09, 2019 10:30 am

One Block Wonder Quilt - The magic of this class is that it will allow you to create a kaleidoscope-effect quilt quickly and effortlessly. All you need is one fabric and the ruler does the magic for you! The fascination through the years with this quilt design is due to endless and stunning results, each and every finished One Block Wonder is more than the sum of its parts!

Cost: $ 45.00
There are a huge range of different types of applique; there's no right or wrong way to experiment with this fun technique. In this class we will focus on one of the oldest techniques: Needle Turn. As one of the more traditional methods of hand sewn applique 'needle-turn' is where a needle is used to turn under the seam allowance while you sew the pieces to the fabric background. We will explore and practice Straight, In and Outside Curves, Tapers, and Narrow patterns like stems. We will use a simple Hearts-on-a-Leafed Stem motif to get you confident in all aspects of Needle Turn Applique.

Cost: $ 45.00
20190309: Serendipity
- Mar 09, 2019 10:30 am

Serendipity - a stack and cut quilt! Love your large-scale prints, but don?t know how to use them? Display them in large central stars and hexagons for amazing, striking designs. There are endlessly unique quilts made from 60 degree blocks using stacked repeat fabrics. The class focus is on making a Three-Block Table Rummer. You will learn the basic construction hexagon blocks then take a peek at how by mixing and matching fabrics you can expand the block possibilities to 32 possible block variations. These Serendipity patterns will show you how to use certain characteristics of printed fabrics to create new beauty and fun from simple kaleidoscope techniques.

Cost: $ 45.00
20190320: Camden Bags
- Mar 20, 2019 03:00 pm

The Camden Bag - What a fun bag! Easy to make with pre-cut jelly roll strips and pre-cut batting strips, this bag is fast to sew up. So fast, you could get most of it finished in class. Get creative with outlandish fabrics, or stay mellow with traditional prints and color schemes. Embellish with big buttons, fabric flowers, or your favorite embellishments! The pattern includes all 3 sizes: Small, Medium, and Large. Make a size according to your 'bag' needs!

Cost: $ 45.00
This fun folk art design has just a bit of whimsy to it. The ?thread work? is easy because the pieces are large and the curves are gentle. Whether you choose to make the pillow or the table topper, this is a great way to use your wool fabrics. When finished, the Penny Rug is 28in by 22in and the pillow is 16in square.

Cost: $ 45.00
Let these adorable little owls teach you how easy appliqu? can be. Each bird is created as a unit off block. Apliquick has a swift learning curve and people are so excited with this method that is sweeping the appliqu? world. Enhance the visual impact of your little owls by adding details with embroidery stitches. Required Class fee: $20.00 (payable to instructor) Includes pattern and all 14 fabrics for three owls, glue surface and 1 owl has all the Apliquick templates already ironed to the fabric so you can save time and get right to turning your edges. Apliquick tools are required for this class and are available at Quilting Foxes prior to class.

Cost: $ 65.00
20190518: Woollen Love Table Topper
- May 18, 2019 10:30 am

On the Woolen Love Table Topper, a pair of plump, woolly lambs share their love with plenty of charm and interesting texture. Raised edges on the flowers and leaves plus the many ?Lamb?s Tongues? circling the oval add more applique interest. Your choice to use felted wool or flannel.

Cost: $ 45.00