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About Quilting Foxes

The traditional Japanese culture and its artistic history has a calming attraction that is difficult to define and easier to feel. Serenity and beauty of the natural world, skill and dedication of the traditional artists to their work, the value of hospitality and honestly of the smiles are only a few threads of the essence that is Japan. 

Every other year, a group of 20-25 quilters from a quilting guild in Tokyo, fill their luggage with quilts and climb aboard airliners enroute to Puget Sound. Their exhibit is an amazing sight, each quilt a year or more in the making and each a sample of their skills in techniques and their eye for color and design. These quilters have sparked my interest in all things Japanese as their quilts nurture my soul.

Quilting Foxes began as an effort to source Indigo and other Japanese fabrics that I could not find in my area and share what I love about Japanese quilting with other quilters. When I began operating from my home, my shop was in the smallest bedroom, then quickly moved to the master bedroom. When that no longer was big enough I moved and rented a much larger house. Again, the shop moved gradually from smaller to larger rooms until it filled the living room and dining room. Many people began asking for classes and it was very difficult to get more than 6 around my dining room table. So began the search for a store front with classroom space.

Quilting Foxes Quilt Shop was opened in September 2018 and with 3000 sq ft we branched out to other genres and opened a classroom.

Regardless of all the different types and styles of fabrics that I carry in my shop, my first textile love will always be Japanese!

My hope is to share and inspire quilters with my fabrics, patterns, and kits.

Thank you and Happy Stitching!